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Shifting-Domestic & International

Packing and Moving in Surat by the expert team of Pointer Packer


Surat is no more away from the list of cities that get the services of Pointers and Packers. Surat is a city comprising business class people. For their business growth and development they do need to relocate themselves from one location to another which is tedious work. Pointer Packers provide Packing and Moving in Surat. Corporate class people do need relocation services of Pointer Packer for moving their warehouse and other goods from one location to another. All the packing, moving and transporting of the goods is done under the supervision of trained personnel who are expert and professional in giving these services of transpiration. The team members are familiar with the city of Surat and can timely pick and drop your household belongings and vehicle within the scheduled time frame without any delay in your order of transportation.

Services Pointer Packers offer you while As a client of Packer and Mover Nagpur you will get to have the following services.

  1. Warehouse and other inventory goods relocation.
  2. Transportation of Automobile including car.
  3.  Packing and transportation of goods along with their insurance.
  4.  Unpacking the goods and items once they reach the destination.
  5.  Transportation of Corporate goods including office premises and industrial machines